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If you scare an ostrich every 15 centimeters, then you can plant potatoes behind it!


- Is it possible to have sex with close relatives? - Of course not, you can’t! - So I tell my wife - it’s impossible, but she keeps saying “it’s possible, it’s possible...”


Hello, is this the studio? Yesterday I found a wallet, there was 5 thousand dollars in it, 6 thousand euros and a business card addressed to Moisei Ivanov... Please, turn him on a song "Beautiful day".


- Where can I get a license to drive a tank? - Are you kidding me? Who's going to stop you?


- Latvia and Estonia are expelling three Russian diplomats each, and Lithuania - four... - Why? - They say there’s food nothing to eat ourselves ...


Fucking reincarnation


You won't believe it - the Russian team won against the Cyprus team!!! The Cyprus men's team!!! The Cyprus men's national football team!!! To football!!!


Don't mess with Russia! And Alaska will be taken away along with Brighton Beach, Odessa and St-Petersburg


- Are you a liberal? - For what purpose are interested - sexual or political?


Germany's largest energy concern E.ON announced on the termination of purchases of natural gas from Russian companies A small Bavarian company purchased from an unknown company products worth 55 billion euros

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