Old photos of Matamata, Waikato

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History of city Matamata, Waikato in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: circa 1865


Population: 7 620


Matamata. Glaxo Factory, 1920s
Glaxo Factory Matamata (view from railway windmill), 1920s
Matamata. Post Office (built in 1912)
Post Office (built in 1912), 1919
Matamata. Post Office (built in 1912)
Post Office (built in 1912)
Matamata. Public School
Public School, 1919
Matamata. Railway station
Railway station, 1909
Matamata. The Junction, 1950s
The Junction of Broadway and Arawa Street, 1950s
Matamata. The Tower, Historical Landmark
The Tower (built in 1882), Historical Landmark, 1950s
Matamata. View down Arawa Street
View down Arawa Street

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